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What Is Icelandic Roots?

We are a vibrant, interactive, and growing nonprofit community with more than 60 volunteers from across North America, Iceland, and beyond. Together, we preserve, promote, and educate others about our shared Icelandic heritage with various community offerings, events, and a valuable genealogy and history database.

We have many free, public opportunities.

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Every day our genealogists connect new member trees, photos, census records, ship lists, and other media. The counter below updates every 15 minutes!

We Support Icelandic Communities

We are a 100% non-profit organization run by a dedicated team of volunteers.

 Over the past 9 years, memberships and donations have helped us "pay it forward" by awarding over $140,000 USD in scholarships and heritage grants!

Celebrating 9 Years!

We were officially a nonprofit 501c3 as of November 12, 2013. However, our team has been providing genealogy and educational services for many decades as individuals.


Dedicated and talented volunteers work together for the IR Mission and TOGETHER -- we are creating an amazing community with so very many opportunities.


The website is such an amazing resource and I appreciate all the effort that goes into it. I've always felt drawn to the Icelandic part of my heritage even though my grandmother died long before I was born. Thanks to the website, I have begun to develop a feeling for her culture and some understanding of what her life story may have been.

- LouAnn Dec 2022

What an amazing site- I’m already running late this morning from going all over the information in there. 
Thanks to all for the hard work setting up and maintaining this for us all! - Scot Sep 2022.

IR has been such a help to me. Thanks for all you do. Our trip to Iceland was an unforgettable adventure and experience. Thanks for your part in making it happen. - Larry Sep 2022.

An especially deeply grateful thank you, Cathy, for encouraging me to explore the database. I found the obituary which we had never seen before.  Thanks ... we learned more about him than we had ever known.  It is amazing! - Jean 2022

Thank you for looking into questions I submitted and clarifying some bits. I am enjoying researching and getting a sense of what life was like for my ancestors. As I am nearing 80 years, it seems important to me to find how I "belong", if that makes any sense to you. Thanks again for all the work you and the volunteers do. - Linda 2022

My expectations are always exceeded when I put in a query to the team...thank you so much for supporting this journey...bob 2022

I have to let you know that I have been just blown away by the fact that you have been able to add my grandfather and his parent's passenger data and all of my maternal grandma's parents and her father and family passengers lists … So I just wanna let you know that I am so grateful for your help and all your efforts to keep us able to get our family history!! Bravo Zulu right on to all of you!!! Bless ~ bless, Kris 2022 

Dear Christal, I know ... that I do not need to thank each volunteer for uploading the information that I have sent. But, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I looked at my father's page and it left me in tears to see all of his important documents on his page and preserved!! Takk fyrir allt! :) Sue

I’m very excited about attending the seminar tomorrow! I am so impressed with what all that is available on Icelandic Roots. I find myself bragging about it with my friends. Cheers, Ken 2021

Happy New Year to your awesome team. You have been such a "lifeline" during this time of isolation! I have learned so much about my Icelandic heritage, traditions, food! Just hoping that there really will be "life after COVID" & I can fulfill a life-long dream of visiting Iceland in the near future. - Patricia Burks 2021

IR is a wonderful initiative which helps to keep so many people aware of their Icelandic Roots. The many IR volunteers are to be greatly commended for committing so much time and effort to provide this much appreciated service. - Harold 2020

Wow! Where the rest of us find dead ends, you guys are able to find all kinds of interesting information. Thanks so much.
- Brita 2020

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