Angel Johnson-Nelson

Angel Johnson-Nelson volunteers for Icelandic Roots and the Icelandic National League of North America (INLNA). She is the founder and president of the Icelandic Online Club (IOC). She manages social media for the, IOC, and the Icelandic Association of Utah. Angel resides in Austin, Texas with her husband, two teenage daughters, three Chihuahuas, and two Boston Terriers.


Angel’s father served in the US Navy, so her family moved several times when she was younger. She was born in Jacksonville, Florida, later moved to Lemoore, California, and then again to her father’s home town of Spanish Fork, Utah; where he retired to his family’s home that was built in the late 1800’s by his Icelandic grandfather. Her great-great grandparents left Iceland in 1857, and married on their voyage across the ocean to America. They walked across the plains, and settled in Spanish Fork, Utah. Being connected to her family’s history, Icelandic homeland, and honoring her ancestors, especially her father; Rulon H. Johnson, is very important to Angel.

Angel loves animals, and her biggest hobby is caring for her two Boston Terriers, and three Chihuahuas. She recently started a business called, “Goldie Rocks Supply Company” selling pet jerky treats, and other products online. She’s named her brand of pet treats after her dogs, and used their pictures and names on the product labels. Angel’s company logo is a Viking girl. She loves live music, attending concerts, and dancing. Her daughters keep her pretty busy; so the more fun things they can do together, the better. When she gets the chance, Angel reads, writes, and loves watching the ID channel, and anything archeology-related.

Angel feels it is so important that we continue to educate ourselves and preserve our Icelandic culture and heritage for generations to come. She wants Icelandic Roots to be a community that all North American Icelanders and Icelanders around the world want to be a part of, are excited to be a part of, and are proud to be a part of. She lives by this motto, and encourages all of you to do the same!