Sepia photo of Akureyri port sometime in the early 1900s.

A membership to Icelandic Roots is your connection to your ancestors, culture, and community.
What is included in your membership:

  1. Access to the IR Database and Member Training

  2. Samtal Hour - a biweekly conversation about "Everything Icelandic"

  3. Private Facebook group

  4. Exclusive videos, emails, and opportunities

  5. Special Member-Only Seminars and Online Education

  6. A "My Page," "My Cousins," Interactive Maps, Photos, and more

  7. Your family story is included and preserved inside the database

  8. You will be part of "Paying it Forward".


A more detailed description is found at the bottom of this page.

Become a member or give a  gift membership:

1. Fill in a
"Cousins Across the OceanForm

This form connects your family and your descendants to your ancestors in the database. Often you'll be connected all the way back to the Viking age!

Please include information back to your emigrating ancestors or at least to those born after 1920. We have all of the earlier Icelanders entered.

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2.  Choose Your


Choose your membership level from the options below and fill out the payment form.

For gift memberships, include a note with who the gift is for and when you want us to send them the information. We work with you to coordinate the perfect timing.

3. Get Connected!

You'll receive an email with directions on how to access the database once the following have been completed:

1. Our genealogists have received your "Cousins Across the Ocean" form and have entered your information. 

2. Your payment has been received. 

*Our entire team is made up of dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers. Processing times vary depending on how many requests we have in the queue. 


Icelandic Roots Membership Levels:

12 Month Membership

Annual payment: $150 (SAVE $30!)


Quarterly payment: 4 x $45
*select automatic, quarterly renewal on registration form

All prices are in US dollars.

3 Month Membership

One time payment of $45
*don't select automatic renewal

All prices are in US dollars.

Your Membership Includes:

  1. Icelandic Roots Online Database

    • A growing genealogical site with much more than names and dates. The features are many and include: Photos, Stories, Obituaries, Biographies, Famous Icelanders, Women and Children Stories, Military, Interactive Maps, Your Cousins, Your Page, Cemeteries, Ancestral Farm Photos, Emigration Passenger Lists i.e. ships, ports, and stories of our people. Another new feature is the Icelandic Saga project connecting you, people, and places to the Sagas.

    • Assistance from real people who are experts in Icelandic Genealogy. They work together on the genealogy database to create a wonderful experience for members. They are preserving our shared story for the people of today and the generations to come.

  2. Educational Seminars and Webinars

    • Samtal Hour - a bow-weekly, 1-hour chat and discussion surrounding fun and interesting topics

    • Private YouTube Channel with special interest videos

    • Private Facebook Group

    • Members-Only news, links, and opportunities

    • A chance to support the nonprofit charitable mission of Icelandic Roots through scholarships and grants. Note: see our grant and scholarship pages to see the list of the organizations that have benefited from these initiatives

    • Being a part of a fun and interactive community and supporting Icelandic Roots and the volunteer staff

Gary and Sue Atwood at Vik in  Iceland-s

"I have been a member of Icelandic Roots since it's beginning and plan to stay a member for life! I find it invaluable. I use it daily and learn so much from it!"



Discover your family story

Explore your family tree in our unique database with features such as

  • Icelandic church records

  • Ancestral farm photos

  • Geo-tagged locations, including: farms, churches, cemeteries, towns and more. 

  • Historical timeline

  • The “Relationship Calculator”: See how you are related to others in the database!

  • Detailed passenger lists

  • And so much more!

Learn tips and tricks to maximize your use of the database with monthly “How-To” seminars. 


Connect with your heritage during educational webinars.

Here's a sneak peek at the database! (6 minutes)

Connect with your community

  • Samtal Hour - Monthly virtual meet-ups with other Icelandic Roots members

  • Access to the Members-Only Facebook group 

  • Invitation to our genealogy workshops at Icelandic festivals such as Íslendingadagurinn and August the Deuce and the Icelandic National Leagues conventions.

Invest in your heritage

Your membership fee goes towards:

  • Icelandic language scholarships (learn more here)

  • Snorri Program scholarships (learn more here)

  • Icelandic community heritage grants (learn more here)

  • Preserving your family tree for future generations

  • Gift Memberships are also available.
    Upon purchase let us know who it is for, along with their contact details and when to send them the information.
    Their membership will begin the first time they log in to one of the Community Membership Events or into the IR Genealogy Database.

Four sets of hands cradling each other representing four generations.

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