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1.) Before selecting your membership below, please make sure that you have completed a Cousins Across the Ocean form. We will find you in the database or add you if necessary and make sure that you are connected to your relatives / ancestors before you get started. When you log into the database for the first time you will find it much more useful if you can see yourself and those connections.

2.) Purchase your membership by clicking the button below. Once we have processed your "Cousins across the Ocean" form and received your payment you will receive an email with instructions on next steps and how to connect. It normally takes a few days but may take up to a week to process your "Cousins across the Ocean" form. The membership period will not start until you receive your email.

This membership is for your personal use only. It is not intended for commercial purposes.

Please do not copy large amounts of data into other software or online resources. Always cite Icelandic Roots as the source for any information that you do use.

Once you click the button below, you will be directed off to a secure website to provide your payment information by Paypal or credit card. There you can also choose your membership option, Annual at $150US/year or Quarter at $45US/3 months



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