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Brenda Messerschmidt


North Dakota, USA

Brenda Olafson Messerschmidt serves on the Board of Directors for Icelandic Roots. Brenda was raised on the Olafson farm in Thingvalla Township, North Dakota. Family members still live and farm on the homestead today. Brenda grew up next door to her Icelandic grandparents and loved listening to them speak Icelandic to each other. In 2017, Brenda traveled around Iceland for 16 days with her sisters, Sunna and Barb. Brenda’s favorite thing about Iceland was meeting Sunna’s dear friends and seeing Iceland through their eyes.

Brenda lived in Pembina County, North Dakota for 40 years and worked at a local bank for 18 years. In 2003, she moved to Fargo, where she works at Bell Bank as a VP/Branch Manager. Brenda lives with her husband, Rock, and has two daughters, three stepsons, and seven amazing grandchildren.

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