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Erin Jones


Reykjavík, ÍSL

Erin’s Icelandic ancestors settled in Grafton, North Dakota. She grew up in Minnesota and was introduced to her Icelandic heritage at an early age when cousins from Iceland came to study at the University of Minnesota through a Val Bjornson scholarship in the 1990s. She visited these relatives on her first trip to Iceland while studying abroad at Cambridge University in 2006. Then, she traveled to Iceland with her family in 2011 and participated in the Snorri Program in 2013. The program was so impactful that she returned the next summer for a month-long course in Modern Icelandic at the University of Iceland. The following year she picked up and moved to Iceland to live in the place she had come to know as a second home.

Erin is part of the Social Media team for Icelandic Roots. She also serves on the board of the Icelandic National League of Iceland and has assisted in producing marketing materials for the newly-formed Snorri Deaf program. She has been involved in the Hekla Club in Minnesota.

Erin holds a BA in Economics with a concentration in French and Francophone Studies from Carleton College. She also received a BA in Icelandic as a Second Language from the University of Iceland and is currently working as a Teaching Assistant for the Icelandic as a Second Language program. Additionally, she helped to found Huldumál, an organization for students of Icelandic as a Second Language at the University of Iceland. She lives in Reykjavík with her husband, Guðjón Þór.

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