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Natalie Guttormson


Alberta, CAN

Natalie Guttormsson is a fifth-generation Western Icelander born in British Columbia. She participated in the Snorri Program in 2014 and in 2015, she was chosen as the first Canadian participant of the Snorri Alumni Internship Program. As an intern, she spent the summer working in the Icelandic Emigration Center (Vesturfarasetrið) in Hofsós, where she enjoyed researching genealogy for visitors and sharing the story of migration.

After the internship, Natalie began researching her own ancestors, compiling as much information as possible. Her research led her to Icelandic Roots, and she joined the team as a volunteer genealogist in 2016. She loves connecting others with their ancestors and living relatives, and continues to research her own family history. Natalie also helps maintain and improve the Icelandic Roots website and creates Social Media content.

Natalie lives on the James Smith Cree Reserve in Saskatchewan with her husband, son, and eccentric dog, Max.

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