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Pam Johannesson Stumbaugh


California, USA

Pam joined Icelandic Roots following a 2022 family trip to Iceland. She is of Icelandic descent through both of her parents. In fact, she says, looking back through six generations, only one ancestor was born in Norway, and the rest were all Icelandic!

Pam’s parents both grew up in Gardar, North Dakota, and she was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota. After her father’s graduation from the University of North Dakota, the family relocated to Burbank, California. Every other year, they drove back to Gardar to visit relatives. Pam remembers looking forward to the Deuce of August celebration.

Pam says her sisters always had an interest in family history, but she herself not so much. But now that her children are grown and she has three grandchildren, she recognizes the importance of sharing family history and keeping those stories alive. She says Icelandic Roots provided a foundation for her to create a valued family history document, and now Pam hopes to help others on their own journeys.

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