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Research Support

Stephanie Coleman


Washington, USA

Stephanie Coleman was born and raised in Ballard, an area of Seattle where many residents are of Scandinavian descent. She currently lives in Everett, Washington, where she and her husband have made their home for the last 23 years.

Stephanie’s maternal great-grandfather, Asgeir Björnsson (Byron) left Reykjavík in 1893 aboard the ship Andrea and emigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba as a workman. Her maternal great-great grandfather also emigrated to Winnipeg in 1876. Growing up, Stephanie and her family were very proud of their Icelandic heritage.

Stephanie has always had an interest in genealogy. However, over the last ten years, she has focused more on learning about her ancestors’ lives and travels. She continues to add information about her large family to the Icelandic Roots database. Stephanie has connected several people to the database – people she has known for quite a while but only recently discovered are actually relatives, as well as some recent acquaintances. She is proud to be an Icelander and a volunteer at IR.

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