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Media Team

Terry Stanley


British Columbia, CAN

Terry Stanley joined the Icelandic Roots team with a special interest in working with photos in the database. Terry hails from picturesque Maple Ridge, British Columbia, where she lives with her husband Dan, her children Samantha, Sara, and Tyler, her dog Abby, and her cat Smudge. Terry is Icelandic through her maternal branch; her great-grandfather Grimur “James” Magnusson emigrated to Canada from Reykjavik in 1887. She became an Icelandic Roots member two years ago in order to satisfy her craving for more information on her Icelandic heritage. When she isn’t researching her family tree, Terry enjoys hiking, traveling, going to the theatre, and volunteering. A certified travel agent with a degree in travel and tourism, Terry now works in the real estate industry as a project manager for a developer. Terry is combining her travel training with her love of Iceland and creating a custom three-week itinerary to showcase Iceland when she takes her eldest daughter there next summer. She hopes to put her Icelandic language lessons to good use during this second visit to Iceland. Her goal is to eventually escort tour groups from Canada to Iceland.

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