Jonena Smith Relth

Jonena Smith Relth’s love of genealogy started as a young child eating Icelandic food and hearing stories shared by her Grandmother who emigrated as a child from Iceland to North America in 1901. As with so many people who came to America, her Grandmother and family “Americanized” their names and moved on with their lives, so Jonena didn’t know any more about her family than she could remember from her childhood.

At the point of nearly giving up searching in 2017, Jonena ran across the Icelandic Roots website and her dreams quickly came true as the professional genealogists helped her find her Icelandic ancestors as well as living cousins in Iceland.  She is now a volunteer working on projects that fit her skillsets of leadership, training and marketing.

Jonena headshot.jpg

Before retiring in 2015, Jonena had a wonderful 23-year run at doing what she loved to do at TBD Consulting in Phoenix Arizona: Helping people learn how to excel at their careers of choice. She is quick to smile and explain how training, mentoring and coaching wonderful people around the world fulfilled her “Leadership Evangelist” career goals, for sure!  And now as a volunteer and member of the expanding Icelandic Roots community, she is quick to “pay it forward” and help others fulfill their desires to connect with their ancestors and living relatives.  What a great way to retire!