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March 28, 2019

There’s always another great story to be discovered in the Icelandic Roots database!  

The iron screw steamer ship Copeland, built in Britain in 1874, was used extensively between Britain and Iceland.  In July 1888, the Copeland left Iceland with 11 passengers emigrating to North America, 30 crew and 482 Icelandic horses, bound for Leith (Edinburgh), Scotland.   After an arduous trip across the North A...

March 15, 2019

Bishop Guðmundur Góði (the good) Arason is IR # I138506. He was born an illegitimate child in 1161 at Grjótá in the Hörgárdalur Valley.  He died on the 16th of March, 1237 at the northern seat of the Bishop at Hólar in Skagafjörður. Though Guðmundur did not have any descendants, it is fun to see how these famous people are related to us, where they fit into our story, and learn more about their lives....

February 21, 2019

Dear MEN, Here is your "heads-up." There is an important day this Sunday where you can treat the women in your life to a special dinner, flowers, treats, coffee in bed, etc for Konudagur (Women's Day).  Your special month called Þorri (Thorri) is over as of Sunday. Did you attend a Þorrablót celebration or enjoy the first day of the month called Bóndadagur (Husband’s Day)?...

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