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Reykjavík – International Visits Program

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

The International Visits Program will start out with a big venue – – the Reykjavík Menningarnótt. The crowds in Reykjavík were incredible! The annual Menningarnótt must have been a huge success with so many people in town. Over 350 events were held on just that one day. My lecture was held at City Hall at 6 p.m.

Kristján Már Unnarsson

All was set for a great presentation with a big screen, a fancy projector, and even technical wizards to run everything. Soon, people started filling up all the chairs. The staff members brought a big load of extra chairs and they disappeared quickly so another big load of chairs were brought out and pretty soon, all those chairs were taken.

I was introduced by Kristján Már, the head of Channel 2 News.

(picture enclosed to far left and both photos by Susan Atwood)

outside city hall

All the people helping me in Reykjavík were professional and experienced TV and News personalities. Elín Hirst was my contact person for this event and she was amazing! She helped to organize more chairs, brought me a glass of water, and was very helpful in many ways. Almar and Anna Björk were in attendance and as always, are so supportive and encouraging. They are such great friends. It was wonderful to see so many people at this event including Susan Atwood, a great friend from Seattle. She brought along her husband and her cousins from Iceland. Thanks to everyone that attended.

In the middle of my presentation, the computer froze. I was a little bit nervous about this but just started engaging the audience. They asked a few questions and then the ”Technical Intermission” was over. I felt a little bit detached from everyone being up on a big stage and so far away from the people in attendance. This distance from the crowd actually increased my tension. I realized that I like being closer to the audience so that it feels like we are having a conversation.

I was happy to visit with everyone afterwards and look forward to the next presentation in Eyrarbakki.

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