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Updated: Jan 25, 2020

I am packing my luggage to leave Iceland and there are so many questions and feelings.

What would it have been like for our ancestors to pack all their belongings in a small wooden trunk to leave for America? What thoughts did they have knowing that they would never see their homeland again?


What was the weather like on that day? Was the sky heavy with dark gray clouds or was the sun shining over the beautiful blue sea and on the majestic mountains? Were the seabirds calling out to them as they sailed by? Were they scared to go out to sea? Was the boat sailing on calm waters or was the sea rough and stormy? Did anyone go along to see them off?


Today, there are so many ways to stay connected with our loved ones. We can send text messages, emails, post photos and stories on Facebook, Blogs, and other social media. We can call by phone and hear their voice and even use Skype to see and hear them. What about our ancestors? None of these instant methods of communication were available to them. It is only 6.5 hours to fly from Keflavík to Minneapolis and then a 4 hour drive from Minneapolis to Fargo. In one long day, I can be home.

It is wonderful to be able to visit the homeland of our ancestors. Traveling all around the country and sharing the story of the Icelanders in America was significant in many ways. There are so many great projects and ideas that can help to preserve and support our heritage.

The Icelandic National League in North America (if you belong to a member club – you are already a member of the INL of NA)

The Icelandic National League in Iceland – Þjóðræknisfélag Íslendinga

The Lögberg-Heimskringla newspaper – North America’s only Icelandic newspaper

If you have any questions about any of these organizations or you want to be more involved, please contact me.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who attended my presentations all around Iceland. The thank you’s are too numerous.

Icelandic National League of Iceland

Goodbye Iceland and “bless bless.”

on way to Eirikstaðir


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