Kulkuós – A True Ghost Story

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

There was a man named Vigfús who lived in northern Iceland. He had many beautiful and valuable Icelandic horses. He was getting very old and his health was deteriorating so he began to worry about his wonderful horses. Who would take care of them when he was gone?

Unfortunately, none of his children were interested in farm-life or keeping the horses as they had all moved to the cities and had busy lives there.

Gradually, Vigfús began to sell some of his horses but he just could not find the perfect home for his favorite mare. This beautiful and spirited horse was named Rebekka and she was the younger, half-sister, of an excellent horse named Sunna. They had been born on the farm, Kulkuós, which is a magical and very special farm along the Skagafjörður beach south of Hofsós.


One day, Vigfús called a well-known farmer named Valgeir and asked him if he would please take Rebekka and keep good care of her. Valgeir had recently purchased a lease on the farm at Kulkuós and was happy that he could take care of this fine horse. The next April, the old farmer, Vigfús, died. His older horse, Sunna, had died and her young foal, Sunna, went to live on the same farm as Rebekka.

Baby Sunna

After the summer was over, Valgeir moved Rebekka and the young Sunna, to the abandoned farm, Kulkuós. When we let the horses out of the trailer at Kulkuós, Rebekka was so excited. She was prancing, bucking, and running all around the area. She sent out snorts, knickers, neighs and had her head raised high in the air sniffing and looking all around her. She was so lively and all the other horses, including young Sunna, were staring at her intense actions. It was amazing to see her so happy to be home again at Kulkuós.


The next morning, Valgeir’s phone rang. It was the daughter of Vigfús. She said, “Is something the matter with Rebekka?”

Valgeir said, “No. Well, I just moved her to Kulkuós last night. Why?”

The daughter asked, “What time did you take her there?”

Valgeir answered, “About 9:15.”

The daughter exclaimed, “Just before that time, I had an extremely strong smell of horse in my house. I thought it was so strange and wondered where the smell was coming from or if