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Updated: Jan 25, 2020

I love being “up north” whether it is in Iceland or in America – even though the weather might be a little bit chilly at times.

When visiting with people here in North America and with people in Iceland, many will say, “I love going up north.” Of course, many northerners love to go south to some sun, heat, and relaxation during the long and cold winter, too!

During the summer and many other times during the year, people in Iceland escape to summer cottages or to the homes of family members that live in the north. In Iceland, two-thirds of the population now lives in the southwest corner of the country surrounding the capital.

People that I know in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Manitoba, escape to their summer lake homes.

My family has a farm home in northern North Dakota. When we are “up north,” the stress and worry of our daily lives seems a lot less. The sky seems to be bluer and the air is so clean and fresh. It seems easier to take a deep breath and somehow, we sleep better, too.

The activities in the big cities are exciting and interesting. There are so many fun things to experience and enjoy. Sometimes, there are so many options it is difficult to decide which event to attend.

Is the term, “up north” not really a direction but actually more of a spot where we can get away? Maybe we can learn a lesson from these experiences and try to be more relaxed in our lives. No matter where we live or what our present situation is, we can smile more, take deep breaths, look at the sky, and enjoy the beauty around us. We can live in the present moment, count our blessings, take care of our families, and love our life.

Love your life

Double rainbow in the middle of Reykjavik. I was not driving.

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