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Why Icelanders Cried

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Atli Asmundsson says, “Icelanders do not cry.” What I experienced during the 12 presentations, “The Love of Iceland in America,” surprised both of us. At most of the presentations, people cried and were filled with emotions.

Some of my friends here in America have asked, “What were you saying during the most emotional part?”

I have decided to share the final two and one-half minutes of my presentation with you. I can only post the words and only a small number of the 60 photos that displayed during this 2.5 minutes of the story. The entire 40-minute presentation had over 500 photos. The many photos with my expressive speech adds to the emotions, too.

Here is the finale:

The pioneers to America took a huge risk. Young and old, women and children, leaving behind their homeland.

It pains me to think of them seeing that last view of their beloved Iceland. It’s hard for us to imagine them leaving behind family and friends and everything that they ever knew. We have so many questions.

We wonder WHY …………. Where did they live ……………

What was happening at that time in their lives?

Who stayed behind?

How did they get to America?

The difference between their homeland and their new home in America was immense with the shining fjords and the majestic lands.

Their strong heritage, culture, and traditions.

Vatn Málmey Drangey

Yes ……………………..

They DID leave Iceland ………………..

But they never forgot their LOVE of Iceland.


It is wonderful to come here. Thanks to all of you for your gracious hospitality and friendship. I have met so many wonderful friends and relatives and had so much fun. Believe me, you and your country are honored and loved in America.

Your ancestors are our ancestors. We have survived because they survived.

We honor our Icelandic ancestors and our Love of Iceland will never end.

Our heritage and history is one to be preserved and one to be celebrated.

Law Rock

May God bless our descendants and may the noble, independent spirits of our ancestors live on in them.

May we continue to work together and keep strong connections.

And most of all, may we always share the LOVE of ICELAND.

Lífið er dásamlegt.

Takk fyrir.”

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