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Searching the Internet

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

WordPress has an interesting feature called “Stats” where I can see how many visitors come each day, what posts are the most read, and lots more.

WordPress also tracks internet search words. Here are the most common search terms that brought visitors to my blog: “perseverance, bifröst, konudagur, icelandic roots, egill skallagrímsson, icelandic genealogy, þetta reddast (everything will be okay).”

This one, “naked men in Iceland,” is lower on the list but it makes me laugh. Seriously, I do not remember ever posting about naked men! LOL.

I am too chicken to type in a search engine “searching for naked men in Iceland.” WHO KNOWS what will happen to my computer!!! But if anyone else is daring enough to do that search, let me know what page it lands on. Too funny.

Thank you for reading my blog. Have a wonderful day.

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