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Snorri Programs Strengthen Icelandic Heritage

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Best wishes to the Snorri Program participants!

The Snorri Program participants have landed in Iceland for their six-week adventure that is one-of-a kind. Congratulations on choosing a program that will change your life forever. For more information about the Snorri Program (ages 18-28) in Iceland, Snorri West (ages 18-28) in North America, or the Snorri Plus Program (over age 28) in Iceland, see the website:

The Icelandic National League of Iceland does a phenomenal program with the Snorri and Snorri Plus programs. The Icelandic National League of North America has followed suit with the Snorri West programs ... both are amazing!

Snorri West will be traveling on the east coast of North America on a four-week adventure. This program changes locations each year across North America.

Here is the travel schedule for the 2014 program: Fri. June 13 Keflavík - Washington DC Sat. June 14 - Wed. June 18 - Washington DC Thurs. June 19 - Fri. June 27 - Toronto, Kinmount, Hekkla Sat. June 28 - Tue. July 1 - Ottawa (July 1: Canada Day) Wed. July 2 - Mon. July 7 - L'Anse aux Meadows Tue. July 8 - Fri. July 11 - Halifax Sat. July 12 - Halifax - Keflavík Sun. July 13 Arrival in Iceland

Check these programs out for you and your family. Start the application process today!

I am especially excited this year for a young woman who I have known and treasured since she was born. She is with the 2014 group in Iceland and ready for her 6-week adventure. Lots of love, Megan! So happy that you are there in Iceland with the Snorri Program and strengthening your ties to our shared homeland, connecting with our cousins, and finding your Icelandic Roots in Iceland.

The programs in Iceland use the Icelandic Roots Genealogy Database to find their family, cousins, and farms in Iceland and the Snorri West uses the database to find family in North America. I am so glad to be a tiny part of helping these unique and awesome programs. Anyone is welcome to join the Genealogy Database and find your roots in Iceland or your family in Iceland, North America, or beyond. For more information: Icelandic Roots Genealogy Snorri Website Snorri on Facebook

Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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