Searching for Kristjana Kristjánsdóttir

We have received a request to find an elusive Icelander and let us know if you can help! Kristjana Kristjánsdóttir was born 10. Agust 1878 at Hrappsstöðum í Svarfaðardal, Eyjafirði. The farm is also written as Hrafnstaðir and Hrappstaðir.

This Kristjana is in the Icelandic Roots Database (see the photo below) with her parents: Kristján Hallgrímsson (6 Jul 1841 - 30 Mar 1895) and Guðrún Sigurðardóttir (14 Jan 1845 - 26 Dec 1917). It is noted in the database that Kristjana went to America but there is not a date and not a location. This Kristjana is also not found in the Vesturfaraskrá, a Record of Emigrants from Iceland 1870-1914.

Her three siblings, that survived to adulthood, stayed in Iceland and are listed in the IR Database.

Who this Kristjana IS NOT (Kristjana Kristjánsdóttirs that are born around this same time frame): 1. A Kristjana Kristjánsdóttir born 20 Jun 1877 at Snæfellssnes, emigrated in 1881, and married Sveinn Jónsson from Skagafj. born 5 Aug 1867. They lived and are buried in Mountain, North Dakota where they had 10 children.

2. A Kristjána Sesselja Kristjánsdóttir was born 4 Oct 1863 í Reykdal, emigrated in 1883, and married Einar Sigurðsson f. 7 Feb 1845. They also lived in North Dakota and are buried at the Thingvalla Cemetery.

3. Another Kristjana Kristjánsdóttir f. 6 Jul 1863 at Ulfsstöðum, immigrated in 1883 and married Ármann Stefánsson f. 31 Dec 1860 at Saurbæjrarhreppur and they had 9 children together in the North Dakota Icelandic Settlement. They are buried at the Thingvalla Cemetery.

4. Kristjana Margrét Kristjánsdóttir f. 20 Feb 1879 í Dalasýsla and emigrated in 1887. She married Jörundur Hergeir Daníelsson in 1903. They lived in Manitoba, Canada and had at least 6 children in Manitoba.

5. There are other Kristjanas in the Vesturfaraskrá and many others born in Iceland but they are not a match.

6. North America information on Kristjana is not found (so far) at or She is not found in 6 volumes of Vestur-Íslenzkar Æviskrár. So far, not found at So far, not found in general internet search engines.

If you have information on Kristjana Kristjánsson born 10 August 1878, please contact us.

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