Icelandic Roots Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Updated: Feb 8

Icelandic Roots was given permission to start working as a nonprofit, charitable 501c3 organization on the 12th of November, 2013.

We are 3 years old! The data was transferred from Hálfdan Helgason’s website to and now found also at

We had the blog site for a few years previous to the nonprofit status and it is still at The database site is so much more than a genealogy site of names and dates. We are a thriving community that is growing and changing every single day. All proceeds go to Snorri, Snorri West, Icelandic Language, and projects to preserve and promote our shared Icelandic Heritage. The genealogists, historians, and IT people are amazing. Thank you to all the people who have joined as members of the site and shared their documents, stories, obituaries, photos, and their lives with us. Working together — we are making great progress.

Over the past three years, we have had many success stories and have made amazing discoveries! The Cousins Across the Ocean project is a huge sensation and it has been a lot of fun. We now have 10 genealogists from Canada, Iceland, and the USA who devote much time and resources to the database and an IT Genius to keep it all going. In these three years, we have added:

  • over 84,000 NEW people into the database – for a total close to 600,000

  • Over 522,000 NOTES – including all types of information about occupation, family stories, death notices, community involvement, and so much more to tell the story of the