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Rare Case Car Has Icelandic Roots

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Article Reprint from Cavalier Chronicle: Volume 129, Number 19, Wednesday, December 11, 2013

GB Gunlogson 1925 Case X

Photos & story by Jim Benjaminson

Most people have long forgotten that J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company of Racine, Wisconsin once built automobiles as well as farm equipment. From 1910 to 1927, Case manufactured its own hand-built luxury automobile. Hoping farmers familiar with Case tractors and implements would also buy a Case automobile, the company found its $2,500 automobile simply could not compete with Henry Ford’s $290 Model T. Ford mass-produced and sold over fifteen million Model T’s between 1908-1927 while Case built fewer than 30,000 vehicles over the same time period. Today around 100 Case cars are documented as still existing.

GB Gunlogson with Case X Car and Case Tractor

Next June, a rare 1925 Case Model X Suburban Coupe, one of only 139 Model X Case cars – and the only known existing Suburban Coupe, will come up for auction in Maryland.

What makes this Case car special is its heritage – and the fact it came from Cavalier! Now a local group is forming, hoping to see the car return to its home area, finding a permanent home at the Heritage Center on the Gunlogson property at Icelandic State Park.

G. B. Gunlogson is a name well-known to area residents. The Gunlogson farmstead has been preserved as an integral part of Icelandic State Park and it was G. B.’s generous gift to the state that made the park and Heritage Center possible. As a young man, G. B. left the Akra farmstead and traveled to Racine, Wisconsin to “look for a job for the summer”. That “summer job” lasted 16 years.