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What are Tindra Tales?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Tindra Tales are the retelling of centuries old Icelandic folktales.

Photos, illustrations, and a soundscape are the backdrop for a high-end, modern take on these old tales bringing the stories of our ancestors into the 21st century.

There will be two books; one for children telling a classic story and, one for adults using Iceland's famous nightlife to spice things up a little! The stories will be collectively put together using the research that has been happening for the last few months. Stories will also be finalized after interviewing Icelanders of all ages and types and asking them to tell us their favorite tales.

The storybook's backdrop will be stunning photographs taken in Iceland to support the tales, with illustrations added to bring the hidden elfin (Huldufólk) world alive. The sound card will be filled with a soundscape captured in Iceland and original music sourced while travelling the island. Watch the video below by clicking on the arrow in the middle of the screen.

Team members are all accomplished artists in their own disciplines and have come together, offering their specific skill to the project. The Tindra Tales Artists Objective is to develop and share two modern books that will be something you want to look at, listen to and read over and over!

To learn more about Tindra Tales and to support the project by an easy click through Indiegogo, click on this link: SUPPORT THIS PROJECT!

Please visit their Facebook page - Tindra Tales for more information or contact us via email - - if you have any questions.

We believe in this project and we believe in the support we have received so far. The perks you get for joining their team are pretty fantastic, too! If you are a business, organization or individual that would rather contribute directly, please message us here or send us an email to tindratales@gmail,com (We have great incentives for businesses to contribute to our campaign).

Thank you all in advance!

From the Tindra Tales Team Angela Helgason-Chalmers

Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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