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2017 Snorri Scholarship Recipients

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Here they are! These four women with Icelandic Roots are on an adventure of a lifetime thanks to our Snorri Scholarship Program.

This photo shows them standing in front of the Hofsós Emigration Center. Thanks to Kent Lárus Björnsson for taking the photo and thanks to our IR members. Your membership fees and donations are making dreams come true as IR pays it forward to provide these scholarships and much more.

2017 Snorri Program - IR Scholarship Recipients

This year, Icelandic Roots granted scholarships to these four young Canadians plus extra finances to sponsor the Icelandic Language and Educational portion of the Snorri Program in Iceland. You can help to provide better experiences and scholarships for more Snorri participants or Icelandic language learners, too!

To donate, click on this link.

Our mission is to educate, preserve, and promote Icelandic heritage and culture. With over 25 experts who volunteer their time making our nonprofit, 501c3 charitable organization better each day, we are contributing in a big way to our shared Icelandic story.

Even though our organization is not quite 4 years old, each year, IR has given back – paid it forward - in many ways:

  1. Scholarships for young people from Canada and the USA, ages 18-28, for the 6-week Snorri Program in Iceland

  2. Donates to the Snorri Program for educational costs, advertising, and promotion

  3. Assists with the Snorri West Program in North America, advertising, and promotion

  4. Allows free access to the IR Database to all Snorri, Snorri Plus, and Snorri West participants

  5. Donates to the Icelandic National League of North America

  6. Donates to the Icelandic National League of Iceland

  7. Scholarships for young people to study Icelandic as a second language

  8. Scholarship opportunities for youth going to the Icelandic Camp at Gimli

  9. Grants and donations for historic preservation projects in Iceland, USA, and Canada

  10. Provides educational seminars and workshops

  11. Cousins Across the Ocean Project – connecting cousins through our genealogical online database

  12. Lectures and presentations in Iceland and North America

  13. Donations to the East Iceland Emigration Center at Vopnafjörður, promotions, and advertising

  14. Donations to the Hofsós Emigration Center, promotions, and advertising

  15. Support to the Lögberg-Heimskringla newspaper

  16. Donations to Íslendingadagurinn

  17. A 3-day Genealogy Center at the annual Deuce of August Celebration in Mountain – 2017 is our 15th year

  18. Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and two websites

  19. A newsletter where we share various interesting posts about Icelandic heritage, culture, current events, history, personal stories, and more

  20. Translation services

  21. Personalized assistance from experts in genealogy and history

  22. Connections with tour companies and visitors from Iceland

  23. Activities with various Icelandic clubs to assist them in their mission such as the recent donation of 100 flags to the Gimli club and 25 to the Brandon club.

  24. A growing genealogy database that currently has almost 617,000 people, 8,300 media (photos, documents, histories), 1,050 cemeteries, and 226,803 families. These numbers grow daily. Our monthly additions number about 2,000 people per month.

Our main source of income is through the online database which preserves the story of Icelanders wherever they may live. The data goes back in time before the settlement of Iceland and includes the following:

  • Stories and histories

  • Photos of people, places, headstones, emigration ships, cemeteries, etc

  • Documents, letters, ship lists, and more

  • Biographies and obituaries

  • Emigration information and other special reports

  • Interactive maps with GPS coordinates and historic farm photos, abandoned farm information and more all connected to individuals in the database

  • Interesting People report and stories about why they are important

  • Churches, Cemeteries, and Clergy

  • Surnames, Dates and Anniversaries, and Statistics

  • Tutorials

  • Timeline of events and details about special events in Iceland

  • Preservation of our shared Icelandic story in one location

  • Plus so much more

Our volunteers work together making the organization into a strong base and helping all people preserve and discover their Icelandic Roots. 10 main volunteers do the bulk of the work. Our team consists of some of the top researchers and historians alive today. They are dedicated to the mission.

The future of Icelandic Roots is very strong and bright. You can help to keep our Icelandic story going and also help to send more people on the Snorri Program or assist with Icelandic Language Scholarships.

Support Icelandic Roots. Preserve our Shared Story.

Young people will become our future leaders and carry on the work of keeping our shared story alive. Currently, three Snorri Program graduates volunteer their time for Icelandic Roots. Check out our Volunteer page to see the list of our volunteers.

To Donate .... Choose a project that inspires you and give any amount. 100% of your donation will go to the project you choose.

  1. Icelandic Language Scholarships

  2. Snorri Program Scholarships or Funding

  3. Snorri West Scholarships or Funding

  4. Icelandic Camp Scholarship or Funding

  5. IR Database

  6. Historic Preservation

  7. Education

To donate, click on this link.

Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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