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The Saga of Darlene Andrésdóttir

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The Icelandic Roots Team is pleased to share a wonderful new video story. Find the link below this short introduction.

The family featured in the video spent the summer learning more about their heritage through the Icelandic Roots Database. They traveled to Iceland in August 2017 and even enjoyed Menningarnótt - Culture Night.

In the video, you will hear a comment, 'there are almost 610,000 people in the database.' This was the total in May 2017. However, as of today, there are almost 628,000 people in the IR Database. Our team is adding about 2,500 people per month as well as biographies, obituaries, photos, documents, interactive maps, histories, timelines, special reports, and much more.

Enjoy this professional video and follow along as the family visits the farms of their ancestors. In the north, they were joined by a personal tour guide and IR Genealogist who also is their cousin!

Icelandic Roots is a wonderful non-profit and charitable organization that is very unique. We have many dedicated volunteers who help people discover THEIR STORY. Access is online by joining as a supporting member. All proceeds go to 'Pay it Forward' for scholarships, heritage projects, and much more. Enjoy this wonderful video:

The producer of the video and his sister are both applying to the 2018 Snorri Program.

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