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On Everybody's Lips

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

A few days ago, I met with the founders of a nonprofit organization called “Á allra vörum” , which translates to “On everybody´s lips.”

Gróa, Elísabet, and Guðný told me of the many projects needing assistance in Iceland. Their nonprofit was founded in 2008 and the mission is to help women and children. They began by selling lip glosses to raise money for breast cancer equipment. Through the years, they have raised funds to construct buildings, buy equipment, focus on mental health issues, and much more. They want people talking about (on everybody's lips) these important issues and hope to gain more donations for worthy projects.

Since 2008, the Icelandic National League of North America (INLNA) has been collecting money from member clubs to help our cousins in Iceland. People are more likely to give to a nonprofit when they know their donation will make a difference. These women have been making a difference in Iceland and were highly recommended as a trustworthy organization making an impact in the projects they support. In 2017, the INLNA board of directors voted to support Á allra vörum. All donations were sent in one wire transfer.

Whether you are donating your time, talents, or finances, it is so motivating when you are helping others and have an altruistic concern for the well-being of our fellow humans.

To donate via the INLNA, click on this link: and choose the Christmas fund for Iceland.

If you would like to join the INLNA and the many projects they support, please send an email to the INLNA office.

The team at Icelandic Roots is glad to be an Associate Member of the INLNA. If you have an Icelandic organization, club, or business, come and join the INLNA.

Thanks to all who have contributed. Have a wonderful day!


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