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Our Icelandic Roots: New Map Feature

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

At Icelandic Roots we never stand still - we are always trying to improve things. Check out the link below to a short video on finding farms in Iceland.

Recently, we rolled out a new version of our genealogical database. While the new version is focused on staying current with changing privacy regulations, it does include a few new features which may be of interest to you. The database is available to our paying members. If you are "into" genealogy or interested in your family's history in Iceland, you may want to become a member.

We try to be different from other genealogy databases by focusing on each person as an individual - trying to tell their story and not just list birth and death dates. One way we do this is to include pictures, stories, and other material of people and places whenever possible. Another way is to display the places associated with each person (birth, marriage, census, death, and burial) on a map. When you visit each person's page, you will see their individualized map which is a powerful way to learn more about each ancestor's life story.

The new feature now extends the places on one map to include up to 8 generations of ancestors. Using this tool, you can see the movement of your ancestors across Iceland from generation to generation. You can also change the focus to a particular ancestor to show only their genealogical branch. This is a fun and useful tool, especially if you plan to visit Iceland and want to visit ancestral farms in an organized fashion. Many people go to Iceland only to say - later - they wished they knew how close the family farms had been.

Click on this screen below to see a short video which describes the tool and how it can be used to view your family places on a map:

At Icelandic Roots we offer many free services, including this blog and cousins-across-the-ocean program which records your family for future generations. The fee for database memberships cover database costs and also funds other philanthropic and educational initiatives of our mission. If you are interested in becoming a member - or are looking for a unique Christmas gift for someone of Icelandic heritage, you might consider a membership. You can find more information about our organization at

Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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