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Icelandic Roots and You

Icelandic Roots has a vast and interactive community with many opportunities. It can open our awareness into our family’s past, help preserve our culture and heritage, connect us with each other, and "pay it forward" for the next generations yet to come.

We’ve all made little (and big) “ah-ha” discoveries exploring our family trees on Icelandic Roots. We’ve each added more details to the database that maybe only we knew about our family’s past, our one piece of the family puzzle.

Imagine the legacy we are building today for our family members yet unborn, who will discover (and greatly appreciate!) the family clues we’ve left behind at Icelandic Roots.

And while the database is looking back into the past, many more programs of Icelandic Roots are firmly planted in the present with an eye focused on the future of the North American Icelandic community as well as the future of Iceland.

Ongoing events like the Samtal Hour are engaged in exploring our heritage and shared culture from today’s perspective and provide viewers with the opportunity to join the discussion. Semi-annual and other specific training opportunities offer new and old members the training to sharpen their skills in navigating the database.

Likewise, live webinars throughout the year bring us all a chance to see and hear speakers share their knowledge on Icelandic topics—all available to view anywhere on the planet, with the click of the computer mouse. Plus, Icelandic Roots offers videos of many of the webinars that are available anytime online. More opportunities are being developed for the new year.

While Icelandic Roots is constantly expanding its offerings, the non-profit is also a strong supporter of the wider Icelandic community, contributing funds to scholarships for young adults in the Snorri program, Icelandic language education, and awarding financial assistance to aid projects developed by local Icelandic groups across North America.

Your annual membership to Icelandic Roots helps fund these and many more projects of this non-profit volunteer organization. As 2021 draws to a close, please consider the value Icelandic Roots brings to help tell your family’s story now and into the future.

Please consider how Icelandic Roots is playing a vital role in preserving our cultural roots today and into the future.

If you find value in the mission of Icelandic Roots, please consider ways you can help us to continue making a difference.


Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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