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Intergenerational Heroes - The Volunteer Team at Icelandic Roots

Guest Article by Arden Jackson CVO (Chief Vinarterta Officer)

These pioneers work for the world they will leave behind.

They are the forerunners who know that the actions of one generation have consequences on those following. They are the intergenerational heroes of the Icelandic Roots Volunteer Team.

Icelandic Roots is celebrating 9 years!

As part of this celebration, we acknowledge their valuable contributions and will donate 9 of our Elskan (Dear One) Vinarterta Icelandic Cakes to celebrate.

Over 40 individuals regularly contribute their time and talents to champion and nurture the community, culture, and connectedness of Icelandic people everywhere through the Icelandic Roots platform.

President Sunna Furstenau has demonstrated an exceptional ability to gather the elements of her mission together to serve people of Icelandic ancestry through the meaningful, timely, and rapid evolution of the Icelandic Roots organization.

The brilliant Icelandic Roots organization leverages the concept of social responsibility with love, care and attention to the detailed preservation of Icelandic history and culture. It also openly expands in ways that make it relevant and available across generations and includes that which will inherit it.

The organization has attracted a passionate volunteer team which accomplishes dynamic individual and community connections, access and contributions to history, genealogical data, online technologies, social media, events and more to create real value and a sense of place for both members and the public.

The stated core aims of Icelandic Roots are “To educate, promote and preserve interest and knowledge in the history of Iceland and its people; to strengthen the links between Icelanders and those of Icelandic descent in North America; to broaden access to historical documents and records for Icelandic genealogy and history; and to inspire pride in Icelandic heritage, traditions, language, literature, and culture.”

We give thanks and much appreciation to the Volunteer Team at the Icelandic Roots organization for demonstrating the how-to of intergenerational heroes.

Indeed, these magnificent present-day pioneers are already making the next generation thankful.

Of course, we are making Vinarterta to celebrate!

All active Icelandic Roots Volunteers are eligible to enter a draw for delivery of one of eighteen Elskan (Dear One) Vinarterta Icelandic Cakes donated by Arden Jackson (9) and Sunna Furstenau (9).

For everyone else interested in our made to order custom shipped Vinarterta we suggest placing your orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas Vinarterta no later than November 1 at

Congratulations! Til Hamingju!

From her website: Arden Jackson, CVO (Chief Vinarterta Officer), makes a mythical Vínarterta and also creates products, experiences, and events for others that are simply complex and wonderfully saga filled, just like the delicious striped Icelandic cake. As a multi-disciplinary design professional, chef, and specialist in the traditional Icelandic culinary and cultural landscape, her goal is to share the pure love and pioneer spirit she has found through tasty connections to food, culture, history, and design!
The Icelandic Roots volunteers are very thankful for this donation from Arden and her beautiful article showing her appreciation. To see more about the Icelandic Roots Volunteers, see our Team Organization Chart.


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