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Kvennahlaup in Borðeyri and Þórdís Edda

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Each year, there is a fun activity that is held in most communities across Iceland called Kvennahlaup or Women's Walk/Run. This weekend, three of the IR Volunteers came together in Borðeyri for their annual event organized by Þórdís Edda Guðjónsdóttir (center).

Cathy, Edda, Sunna

The annual Kvennahlaup across Iceland began over 30 years ago. The goal was to get more women to exercise and take a part in sports. The insurance company, Sjóvá, and the National Olympic and Sports Association sponsor this event in Iceland but you will find this event happening across many other parts of the world.

We had a wonderful time in Borðeyri for the Kvennahlaup. Here is a photo of Edda walking towards me with the picturesque city in the background.

Borðeyri is one of the 12 main ports in Iceland where our people emigrated to North America in the years between 1870-1914. Last year, Icelandic Roots provided a grant to the Riishús at the suggestion by Edda to help preserve this historic building. You can read more about the importance of this house, the area, and people in this article:

Edda joined Icelandic Roots as a volunteer in 2018. Besides serving as a librarian for Icelandic Roots, she also helps as a translator, writes articles, and is part of the Social Media Team. Edda graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in folklore and a degree in teaching in 2004. In 2019, she completed the Master of Information Science degree from the University of Iceland. Her main volunteer work with Icelandic Roots is the Women and Children's Stories along with Doreen 'Kristy' Marston. You can read more about that project here:

A huge thanks to Edda for caring about our shared story, being involved in so many ways to help preserve and educated others about our Icelandic heritage and connections, and for being on the Icelandic Roots team.

Link to the entire newsletter for 13 Sep 2021 all about Fitness, Strength, and more.


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