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Name the Newsletter Contest

Icelandic Roots began publishing a "newsletter" a mere five months ago on August 8, 2021. Since the inaugural posting, the newsletter has been bringing news, tips, stories, folklore, recipes, language skills, videos, links, and inspiration to your email inbox every two weeks.

While the newsletter has kept readers up to date on items of importance in the Icelandic Roots world, it has done so anonymously, performing its role with the generic name of “newsletter.” This trusted information source is akin to that stranger passed everyday on the street whose name we do not know. For want of an introduction, they pass by incognito.

The editorial and writing staff seek to address this socially awkward omission by turning to the membership of Icelandic Roots with a simple request. Help us name the newsletter and give it the proper status that a dear friend must possess.

The challenge is simple. Offer a name for this publication along with a brief statement explaining why your selection is the best name for the newsletter.

If your choice is selected by our panel of judges, you will win our undying gratitude and perhaps an Icelandic Roots souvenir to boot!

And our esteemed friend, the newsletter without a proper name, will proudly carry the name you nominated.

Formal introductions will soon follow, and social awkwardness will be addressed.

Submit your newsletter name nomination to us HERE.


Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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