Celebrating 7 years with exciting news (fréttir) and a new video (nýtt myndband)

**Íslenska eftir

Written by Sunna Furstenau, Edited by Natalie Guttormsson

Dear friends,

Here at Icelandic Roots, we are marking our 7th anniversary, and despite many worries and strife in the world this year, we have some great reasons to celebrate.

We celebrate our volunteer team that continues to grow stronger every day. Our volunteers live around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Iceland, and the United States. Their talents and backgrounds are varied, including genealogists, historians, writers, cartographers, IT experts, social media strategists, photographers, and more. Many of them began as members, working on their own family histories, adding information into their family trees in the database, before deciding to become volunteers and give back to the community.

We are grateful to each of them for their dedication and passion to grow our organization. You can click here to meet our fabulous team of volunteers.

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We celebrate our achievements towards our mission to preserve, promote, and educate all people about Icelandic heritage and culture. Over the past 7 years, we have donated more than $102,500 to Icelandic cultural and heritage organizations, as well as in scholarships to Snorri participants and students enrolled in Icelandic language programs.

In 2020, despite many events and programs having to cancel due to Covid-19, we donated $12,500 to Icelandic heritage organizations in the United States, Canada, and Iceland.

For the wider community, we continue to feature interesting articles and interviews on our blog and share cultural information on our social media pages, as well as host fun community events, like the “Footprints 4 Fun” fitness challenge. We’re also excited to announce that in the new year we will be launching the Icelandic Roots Podcast, which will be available on most podcast apps. Subscribe to our blog for future announcements.

And most importantly, we celebrate our many members around the world. Without your support and involvement, none of this would be possible. In our gratitude, we continue to add more members-only offerings such as the monthly “Samtal Hour” conversation get-togethers on Zoom, exclusive educational webinars, and database tutorials. We’ve also introduced some new database features such as the “My Cousins” function, the Fjallkona collection, detailed passenger lists, and lots of uploaded media items. We currently have over 21,800 pieces of media connected to the database, including photos, obituaries, newspaper clippings, and more. In January we will also be

launching the new Icelandic Roots Writers’ Society, a network for our members who are writers to connect with each other to share advice and ask questions. More details will be announced in the new year.

From the entire volunteer team, thank you to our supporters, friends, and family.

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**Keep scrolling past the Icelandic text below to watch the video!

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