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Queen of the "Bollur" + Konudagur

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

On Feb. 19th, 2023 we begin the new month called Góa. The very first day of this month is called "Konudagur" or "Women’s Day". Women are supposed to be brought coffee in bed, flowers, candy, and be given special treatment all day long - sort of like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day combined. So be ready to treat the women in your life special! (You're welcome for the reminder!)

Icelandic folklore regarding the month of Góa says, "To survive Þorri and Góa is to get over the hump of winter.”

And what better way to celebrate getting over the hump of winter than to indulge in delicious cream puffs? On Feb. 20th is Bolludagur Day, and the bakeries in Iceland are already selling them! Follow us on Instagram (@icelandic_roots) to find out which bakery is crowned "Queen of the Bollur."

Have your say too, by telling us who makes your favourite - either a bakery or a family recipe? We'd love to know.


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