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The Mailman is Ready For Delivery

The first book by Christopher Rodel, IR# I20590425, The Icelandic Postman, is published and ready for purchase. This book travels in the footsteps of Jón Póstur, IR# I212969, one of Iceland's earliest mailmen.

The text on the back cover:

In Nineteenth Century Iceland, communication over any distance was difficult, at best. Íslandspóstur and the author's great-great-great grandfather, Jón Magnússon, changed that. From an orphan to a trailblazer to an immigrant to America, Jón Magnússon, known better as Jón Póstur, led an extraordinary life - one that is still remembered in Iceland and America a century and a half later.

Chris started the book in 2004 and was inspired by a visit to the Hólar University. They had a featured display at that time about early Icelandic mailmen. He visited with them about his own great-great-great-grandfather who was a postman in Iceland.

Chris researched some family history written by his great-uncle, Bill Freeman, and received more information from Icelandic Roots. He says, "I decided ... Wouldn't it be cool if we could kind of fill in the blanks and tell my ancestor's story in a way that just might have happened?"

The events in the book are based on the actual stories we know, with details filled in as, again, they might have happened. The book was released to the public on December 1, 2021, with a mention of Icelandic Roots.

Chris is an IR member and he sent us a message that he has started working on his second novel based on the journal from Stefán, Jón the Icelandic Postman's son.

You can purchase the book on Amazon and if you are a US customer, please use, and a portion of the sales for anything you purchase through this website is donated to Icelandic Roots or the nonprofit 501c3 of your choice.

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