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The Scandinavian Press Magazine

Have you subscribed to the Scandinavian Press magazine? It is a wonderful magazine in full color with news, history, photos, and information about all the Scandinavian countries. After posting the book review for "A Viking Queen's Legacy, we received this email:

I just read Icelandic Roots' review of "A Viking Queen's Legacy" by Alfreda Jonsdottir and would like to use it in the spring 2021 issue of Scandinavian Press. I am certain our subscribers will enjoy the read and will want to purchase a copy for themselves.
I have been enjoying reading your recent blogs with information about Iceland and beyond. Icelandic Roots makes all Icelandic-Americans/Canadians very proud of their Nordic culture and heritage, and you are educating many—including me—about Iceland and Icelanders.

Of course, Alfreda and the IR team were thrilled! The editor has asked to use more of our blog posts for this magazine. We are very glad to have this connection. To learn more about the Scandinavian Press, see their website.


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