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Viking Sagas and Legends—is that a new genre?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Guest blog by IR Volunteer and Author, Alfreda Duffy (Alfreða Jónsdóttir)

Aud Ketillsdottir, the protagonist is a ”legend” in her own right. Also known as Aud the Deep-minded, the Deep-thinker, as well as Deep-pockets. As a writer, her nicknames were an insight into her character, to me they that she was an independent woman with means. After a lot of research, along with all her nicknames and her IR page (IR# I136855), which by the way, has a ton of information — altogether, they gave me what I needed to build her character and create a life for her. Like Aud, anyone who distinguished themselves was given a nickname, for many they were not necessarily positive monikers, but they became unique and distinctive identifiers. People told and re-told her story, as well as others, making them part of the “Viking Sagas” and for some, created “Legends”.

Although a work of fiction, Aud’s story, set in the 9thC, is recounted in the novel, “A Viking Queen’s Legacy”, published Nov. 2020. It is available through;; (please make Icelandic Roots your charity of choice);; in paperback and e-book versions.

Melkorka was an Irish Princess kidnapped by Vikings in the 10thC. If Hoskuld, (IR# I135552) an Icelandic chieftain, had not bought her as a slave and brought her to Iceland, her story would be lost to the world.

Yes lost! Slavery is a dark scary world. Thankfully Melkorka, the Thrall Princessa, my nickname for her, (IR# I135556) did end up in Iceland, where she gave birth to Olaf the Peacock (IR# I135549). His story is also divulged in this novel. Melkorka, although quite a different character from Aud, was her own person, eventually gaining independence. Thanks to Icelanders and their story-telling abilities, both her story and Olaf’s were told and re-told—thus making them into “legends” in their own way.

Melkorka’s story, like Aud’s, is a work of fiction. Both were drawn from the characters and details in Laxdæla Saga. This novel published in June 2019 can be found on; in paperback and e-book versions.

Thanks to Icelandic Roots they are keeping “Viking Sagas and Legends” alive. Maybe they have even created a new genre!

Here is the link to the IR Volunteer page for Alfreda. Thanks to Alfreda

for being part of the IR Community and also for these great books. We cannot wait for the next one!


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