Sigurður Rúnar Jónmundsson

Sigurður was born and raised in Reykjavík and has lived in the nearby town of Garðabær for over 30 years. His roots lie mostly in Kjalarnes on his mother’s side and Borgarfjörður on his father’s side. Sigurður studied business administration and graduated from the University of Iceland in 1975.


Sigurður worked in the insurance sector until retiring in 2018. That same year, he joined the Icelandic Roots team. His interest in genealogy was sparked when he was introduced to the Laugardalur family, whose roots can be traced back to the farm Böðmóðsstaðir in Laugardalur. The family maintains a strong connection to relatives in North America and has traveled there for family reunions. They have also published their genealogy records in print and online. Sigurður has been on the board of the Icelandic National League of Iceland since 2017.

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