Þórdís Edda Guðjónsdóttir

Þórdís Edda Guðjónsdóttir joined the Icelandic Roots team in 2018. She is the Icelandic Roots Librarian, a translator, and is also on the documentary team.

Þórdís Edda grew up on a farm near Borðeyri in Hrútafjörður, Strandasýsla. She graduated with a BA degree in Folklore and a degree in teaching from the University of Iceland in 2004. In 2019 she plans to graduate with Masters degree in Information Science from the same university.

After spending a year as an AFS exchange student in Saskatchewan, Canada, at the age of 17, her interest in the Western-Icelander's history and lives grew even more which later influenced her research topic for her Masters thesis, the cultural heritage of the Western-Icelanders.

Þórdís Edda now lives in Kópavogur and has been teaching in elementary schools since 2004. She also teaches yoga, loves to travel, and is very interested in people's folklore and culture.


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