The Icelandic Roots Team

Icelandic Roots is a wonderful group of volunteers. Some have been working on genealogy for decades while others have just found their passion. Others work behind the scenes to help promote Icelandic Roots on Social Media and connect with our members. Others keep the database and website running beautifully, smoothly, and securely. Each team member brings something unique to our organization. We are fortunate to have such dedicated and passionate people working on behalf of the entire Icelandic Community. If you wish you join us, see the bottom of this page.

Click each volunteer's picture to find out more about them.

Volunteer Opportunities

Icelandic Roots has many opportunities for volunteers. Long and short-term projects are available and volunteers can undertake a range of activities based on their interests.


Examples of current projects include 


  • Adding, merging and connecting  "Cousins Across the Ocean" data into our database

  • Updating  and improving the database with corrections, photos and additional information

  • Entering emigration names, dates, farms and ships into our database

  • Identifying and placing farms on our map of Iceland

  • Collecting  headstone photos and cemetery information

  • Writing guest blogs for our newsletter

  • Suggesting ideas for promoting Iceland and Icelandic heritage


Icelandic Roots cannot exist without volunteers! If you are interested in becoming one us, please contact us and describe your interests, skills or experience.