Wade Johnson

Wade is a retired IT executive and an author of historical fiction. He always had an interest in family roots but began pursuing genealogy in earnest over a dozen years ago. With only the first name and a partially remembered last name of his great grandmother and the help of three Icelandic genealogists, including Hálfdan Helgason, Wade has grown his own family tree far into the past and across several continents.


Wade’s grandparents, Bjarney Kristen (Christine) and Magnus (Mike), immigrated to Canada in 1923 with Magnus’ parents, Jon and Steinunn, and aunt Sigridur. As was typical at that time, their last name was anglicized from Jonsson to Johnson, the standing family name. Jon decided against Canada, divorced Steinunn and returned to Iceland, where he married again. Steinunn remained in Canada, married twice more, outliving four husbands in total, as she had already lost her first husband to a fishing accident in Iceland before marrying Jón. She passed away in 1967, just a few months before her hundredth birthday. Christine and Mike raised nine children. Sadly, at 83, young Magnus is the last remaining Jonsson/Johnson.

Wade and his wife Wendolyn celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary in 2016 and enjoy family time with their three grown children and five grandchildren. Since retiring two years ago, Wade spends his time writing, exploring genealogy and pursuing other hobbies.


He coached amateur athletics for over thirty years, earning national coaching certifications in hockey and soccer, and has enjoyed coaching and mentoring hundreds of young people. His athletic endeavors also included participating in several sports over the years and volunteering as director on the executive board of multiple sports clubs. However, these days he limits himself to poorly played golf and armchair sports.

Wade's current writing projects involve the stories of his ancestors from 15th century France, as well as stories about contemporary Canadians. Wade and Wendolyn live in St. Albert, Alberta with Wendolyn’s very spoiled dog Kotto.

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