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  1. Day Pack for in the car – everyday things we may need each day – cap, hat, glasses, sunscreen, gloves, layers of clothes, towel, swimsuit, etc

  2. Small backpack or bag for visiting the lagoon, pools, etc

  3. Swimsuit

  4. Towel – quick dry microfiber towel is great

  5. Flip-Flops for the tubs and pools

  6. Heavy Duty Cream Rinse for your hair at Blue Lagoon

  7. Reusable Water Bottle – the tap water in Iceland is better than any bottled water you can buy.

  8. Reusable Thermos if you want to bring along coffee or tea or cocoa for the drive

  9. Camera gear, batteries, memory cards, chargers, etc

  10. Sunglasses

  11. Icelandic Chargers and Electric Plug Adapters

  12. Icelandic Hair Dryer – do not bring your regular voltage hair dryer – it will overheat – so leave it home. Most lodging places have hair dryers.

  13. Waterproof and Windproof Long Jacket (bring a good jacket but not an umbrella)

  14. Layers of short and long-sleeved shirts, fleece jackets, and sweaters. Make sure to have plenty of layers to add or take off as needed. The weather in Iceland is very unpredictable and changes often throughout the day.

  15. Undershirts / Layering T-Shirts

  16. Long-Sleeved Shirt or Sweaters

  17. Zip-Up Heavier Sweater / Fleece Jacket

  18. Warm socks

  19. Underwear

  20. Pajamas

  21. Your personal Toiletries (if you are not staying in regular hotels, some places will not provide any shampoo, etc.)

  22. Your personal Medications and First Aid needs

  23. Your personal documents -- Passport, Cash, Credit Cards, Vaccination Records, etc.

  24. Travel journal for documenting all the wonders you will see

  25. Waterproof Jacket (can also bring waterproof pants if you want)

  26. Hiking Pants / Yoga Pants that dry easily and wash easy.

  27. Leggings / Pants for going to dinner (casual)

  28. Gloves and Hat – just in case and for the glacier and Arctic Ocean

  29. Waterproof Hiking / Walking Shoes (comfortable and stable to walk up to waterfalls and ride the horses). Even if you are not a fan of nature and hiking – you will want to have good shoes that are already comfortable (not new for the trip)

  30. Nice outfit for a special event or night out on the town

  31. Comfy shoes for walking about (when it is not raining/snowing and you want to just walk around, shop, and are in town)

  32. Contact your credit card provider before leaving so that they know you are going to Iceland

  33. Contact your cell phone provider before leaving and have your phone put on ‘’Global Phone’’.

  34. There is also ‘Travel Pass’ through cell phones so you can take your domestic talk, text, and data allowances with to Iceland.

  35. Rent a ‘Tra-Wire’ device for Mobile Wi-Fi. Unlimited Data. So calls via Skype or Viber are FREE! WhatsApp is Free, too. Email and all Data go through the Mi-Fi.

  36. Bring a sense of adventure! Iceland has so much to offer.

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