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One-on-One Consultation*

Icelandic Roots is offering individual, online, consultation sessions with our genealogists. Many tutorials and help sessions have been recorded and are available to Members for free in the "Members Only" YouTube Channel. IR also has Members Only group sessions each month where you can  learn more about our shared genealogy and family history. However if you would like one-on-one assistance, we can offer that too.

One-on-One sessions can cover whatever you want, from beginner to complex questions. Questions might include how to use the software to find relatives or locate farms, how to interpret the data that is on your relatives page, or choosing research strategies and finding genealogical resources to complete your ancestor's stories.  Sessions can be in English or Icelandic.

This service is only available to Full Annual, Quarterly and Samkoma members.

The cost is: $50 an hour or $75 for two hours


To schedule a one-on-one meeting, Email: 
with Attn: one-on-one in the subject line


Let us know your goal for the session and requested date. All appointment requests must be submitted 7 days before your requested date. Our team is all-volunteer, but we will work to fit your schedule if possible.


To pay for a service, click here.

Research Services*

Some free genealogical research is done when you fill in a “cousins form” in order to connect you to your ancestors in our database. You may update this information, including adding photos or other media at no charge.


Your full membership includes access to the extensive genealogical data in our database in addition to videos and tutorials to explain how to interpret it. Normally this will answer most of your genealogical questions, however, we can do additional work for members on a time and materials basis. Our expert staff can assist in many ways including researching ancestor information, deciphering records, finding cousins in Iceland, and providing travel assistance. 


This service is only available to Full Annual, Quarterly and Samkoma members. The cost is: $50 an hour, two hour minimum.


For an estimate, please Email:
with Attn: Research Services in the subject line and let us know your needs.

To pay for a service, click here.

* All fees are quoted in US dollars

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