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Kids' Corner

Welcome to the Icelandic Roots kids' corner! Here you'll find fun sheets, links to Icelandic kids videos, and suggested activities that both educate and entertain!

Coloring Sheets

Below are some fun drawing and coloring pages that you can print from home. When you're done, take a picture of your artwork or scan your designs and email them to to be featured on our weekly blog and Social Media! (click on the image you'd like to print, then click the link that follows)

Songs and Video

The YouTube Channel "Barnalög" is a great resource for both kids and anyone wanting to learn Icelandic through song. You'll recognize many melodies and learn some new ones. Each song includes Icelandic subtitles so you can follow along and learn the lyrics. Below are two playlists. Search for "Barnalög" on YouTube and you will find several more. 

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