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Join Icelandic Roots and embark on an enriching journey to connect with your past, celebrate your culture, and build a community of fellow descendants. Become a member now or give the gift of heritage to someone special.

Membership Process

Icelandic Roots Supporting Memberships:

All-Access Membership
3 Months - $45
12 Months - $150
Lifetime - $1,500

Choose a One-time or Recurring payment.
Have full access to all Icelandic Roots benefits.

Purchase a Gift Membership, too!
Complete the "Cousins Across the Ocean" form to qualify.

Community Membership 
12 Months - $52
Or Make a Donation

Includes ALL Community Benefits. Icelandic ancestors not required. Does not include the IR Database access.


Send a Cousins form if applicable.


A Samkoma (Community) Membership Includes:

All membership levels include a community membership.

  1. Access to all Public offerings

  2. Exclusive Member-Only educational classes

  3. Frequent seminars and workshops on a variety of Icelandic-related topics

  4. Samtal Hour (Conversation Hour about Everything Icelandic) every other Monday

  5. Private Book Club, where the authors attend the meeting, do a book reading and converse with those in attendance

  6. Private Members-Only Facebook Group

  7. Members-Only Youtube Playlist with exclusive content

  8. Members-Only Newsletter sent out every other Sunday (opposite Sunday of the public newsletter), which includes the Zoom Link for member online events, special private videos, emails, and other member opportunities

  9. Helping "Pay it Forward" to preserve the Icelandic Heritage, Culture, and Language by working together, providing funds for many projects and programs, and keeping connections strong.

  10. Complimentary access to various events and opportunities.

  11. Reduced pricing for translations and extra help with research.

  12. Special Members-Only discounts at participating businesses.


The Icelandic Roots Genealogy Database is available to All-Access Members.
It is our Family Genealogy Site and a Treasure Chest of in-depth information.


  1. Information is updated and added every day to the database.

  2. You can receive expert help from trained, dedicated, and thorough genealogists.

  3. Have access to special reports and a timeline of events - not just names and dates

  4. Emigration:  ports, passenger lists, ships, and more from a dedicated specialty team

  5. Media: photos, videos, letters, documents, and more from the media team

  6. Saga Project:  Interactive Saga map for locations, connections to the people in the Sagas, links to read the sagas in English and Icelandic, and see more in the VIDEO HERE.

  7. Stories, cemeteries, obituaries, biographies, and many unique items

  8. Accurate place names and GPS coordinates on an interactive map feature to find your ancestor's farms, churches, and cemeteries wherever they lived.

  9. Personalized for you includes a "My Page" and "My Cousins."

  10. A powerful Relationship Calculator to show your relationship to ancestors and cousins

  11. Information on clergy, midwives, military service, politics, and famous ancestors.

  12. Stories of the Crossing, Parish records, and Longest-lived

  13. Women and Children's Stories, Fjallkona, and other interesting people

  14. AKA - Also known as because many Icelandic immigrants changed their names

  15. Community and Family Histories

  16. There are so many special high-tech yet user-friendly features. You have to see it to believe it.

  17. Opportunities for connections to others and discovering more of your cousins.

  18. Being in the know for what is happening in Iceland and with Icelandic people.

  19. A chance to support the nonprofit charitable mission of Icelandic Roots through scholarships and grants. Note: see our grant and scholarship pages to see the list of the organizations that have benefited from these initiatives

  20. Be a part of a fun and interactive community and support Icelandic Roots and the volunteer staff to keep our shared story alive.

Are you looking to connect with your Icelandic roots, explore a rich cultural tapestry, and become part of a vibrant community? Look no further! We are a dynamic, all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting, and sharing the fascinating world of Icelandic heritage, culture, and genealogy.

We believe this goes beyond just names and dates. It's about understanding the stories, traditions, and values that have shaped our past generations. We offer a diverse range of engaging activities and resources for members of all ages and backgrounds.

We foster a sense of belonging among members, encouraging them to share their knowledge, experiences, and passion for Icelandic culture.

Membership not only offers numerous benefits, but also supports the Icelandic Roots mission by preserving and educating others about our unique Icelandic heritage in Iceland, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, USA, and all around the world.
We invite you to become a new member, renew your membership, or share IR with a friend or loved one by giving a gift membership today!

IR Treasure Chest.jpg

Here is a Quick Peek at the Database.

Gary and Sue Atwood at Vik in  Iceland-s

"I have been a member of Icelandic Roots since it's beginning and plan to stay a member for life! I find it invaluable. I use it daily and learn so much from it!"




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