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The all new podcast from Icelandic Roots

Available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, PodBean, and Amazon Podcasts / Audible.

When you think of Iceland you probably think of stunning waterfalls, volcanoes with funny names, the legendary Sagas, or maybe Leif Eiriksson. 


But did you know that between 1875 and 1915 approximately 20% of Iceland’s population emigrated to North America and Brazil? These people and their descendants were known as “Western Icelanders”. Why did they leave? How did they get there? And how did they shape the communities around them? We answer all these questions and so much more. 


Today there are nearly as many descendants of Icelanders living in North America as there are Icelanders in Iceland. We're inviting you on a journey through Icelandic culture and history as you’ve never experienced it before.


In this podcast, we will showcase Icelandic heritage and culture from the past and present through topics like folklore, language, food, literature, and music. We’ll also shine a light on notable Icelanders throughout history and talk to some interesting people along the way. 

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