Icelandic Roots Heritage Grants

The Snorri Program

The biggest recipient of Icelandic Roots funding is the Snorri Program. In addition to awarding individual scholarships to Snorri Program participants, Icelandic Roots also gives an annual grant to the Snorri Foundation to help with general operations and programming. We also give free access to the database to participants in all four programs and the summer interns. To learn more about the Snorri Programs, visit their website


Icelandic Roots is also a primary sponsor of the Snorri Deaf program, an experience similar to the other Snorri Programs, but organized specifically for our cousins who are hearing impaired.

Your help is needed to identify and locate deaf people of Icelandic families or those fluent in sign language.  Statistics tell us there are about 200 deaf people of Icelandic origin in North America. We really believe this program will be of great value and benefit to the deaf people of Iceland and in North America.  

How can you help?

1) Whether you are deaf or not: Please fill out a “Cousins Across the Ocean” form (if you have not completed one previously). This is for anyone, anywhere who is of Icelandic descent or children who are of Icelandic descent. 

2) You can also help by sending in information regarding people of Icelandic ancestry in North America who are deaf and/or those who know sign language to IR Support.

3) Join as a supporting member to continue giving opportunities to the future Snorri participants.

4) You can also make a donation to directly help one of the programs. When filling out the donation form, specify which grant or scholarship you would like to support and 100% of your donation will go towards it. 

Icelandic Roots Philanthropy 

A key element of the Icelandic Roots mission is “paying it forward” by awarding culture and heritage grants to deserving Icelandic heritage organizations and individuals interested in learning more about Icelandic culture, history and language.


As an all-volunteer, nonprofit, public charity, we give away much of our revenue to charitable causes, after necessary operating expenses, reserves and savings for long term projects. As you can see from the included graph, over the past 6 years we have awarded grants totaling approximately $90,000 U.S. dollars. Read more here.

Other Grant Recipients:

Icelandic Camp - Gimli, Manitoba

New Iceland Heritage Museum - Gimli, Manitoba

Grund Cemetery - Restoration Project

Vopnafjörður Exhibit - "Sails, Rails, Rivers, and Trails" 


Icelandic Roots is a non-profit, educational, heritage organization specializing in genealogy, history & traditions of our Icelandic ancestors.

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