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Icelandic Roots "Paying it Forward"

#1 IR Membership and Database Grants for all Snorri Programs

#2 Snorri Program

#3 Icelandic Language

#4 Gimli
Icelandic Camp Scholarships

Icelandic Roots has various scholarships available. Whether you apply for a scholarship or not, please fill in a Cousins Across the Ocean form. This is a free service.

ALL Snorri participants: Snorri, Snorri West, Snorri Intern, and Snorri Plus, can receive FREE access to the Icelandic Roots Database and Community offerings by just asking. To support the work of our nonprofit, all-volunteer charity, you can join as an IR member. It is only $45 for 3 months or $150 for 1 year. The IR Scholarship is for 3 months to those who apply and are accepted into one of the Snorri Programs.

We also have financial grants for North Americans traveling to Iceland, ages 20-30, to attend the Snorri Program. This is a need-based scholarship, so please let us know in your application what you need to attend the program.

To apply for an Icelandic Roots Scholarship, please complete the following items:

  1. Become an "All-Access" Member of Icelandic Roots ($45 or $150). Or email us if you are requesting a free membership as a scholarship.

  2. Fill out an Icelandic Roots Scholarship Application - Due by March 15th

  3. Please let us know when you receive your Snorri acceptance letter. You will be contacted in April regarding the scholarship.

To learn more about the Snorri Programs, visit their website

Icelandic Language Scholarships

Icelandic Roots awards one scholarship yearly to a student enrolled in a program to study Icelandic as a Second Language. Scholarships are also available for short-term studies in the Icelandic Language. 

In past years we have provided scholarships for study at the following institutions/courses​ (You are not limited to these):

To apply for an Icelandic Roots Scholarship, please:

1. Become an "All-Access" Member of Icelandic Roots.

2. If you are NOT Icelandic, you can still apply - become a "Samkoma" member.

3. Fill out an application form here, and submit by April 1 of each year.

Icelandic Camp Scholarship

Scholarships are available for qualifying young people to attend the Icelandic Camp in Gimli, Manitoba.

For over 30 years Icelandic Camp has been bringing youth of Icelandic descent together to celebrate their shared heritage. Over eight days the campers are immersed in all things Icelandic. From language lessons to viking crafts to writing their own saga the campers start to develop a love of their Icelandic ancestry.


Located just two miles north of Gimli, Manitoba, Canada along the banks of the beautiful Lake Winnipeg, Icelandic Camp provides a safe place for campers to make new friends, visit with old ones and create memories that will last a life time.  Icelandic Camp 

Fill out an application form here, and submit by July 15 of each year. 

Do you want to help us provide scholarships and grants?
Make a donation HERE


To extend our Icelandic Heritage visit our Grant Opportunities!

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