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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I am so excited for the Snorri Plus participants that arrived in Iceland yesterday. They will experience a wonderful and action-packed 2 weeks in Iceland. Tonight we attended a reception for them. It is the second year that I have attended. Some of the faces were very familiar and some were new. However, it did not seem to matter if they had been here before or they were new — the look of excitement and sheer joy of being part of this program was evident on every single face.

Since the program was started in 1999, 182 people of Icelandic descent have participated in the Snorri Program, 94 people in Snorri Plus, and 60 people in Snorri West. There are so many people who work hard to make these programs such a huge success. Thanks to Ásta Sól, manager of the Snorri Programs for her continued dedication to the program and to everyone that attends and volunteers.

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If you would like to learn more, go to the website,

Current Board of Directors

Halldór Árnason – Chairman Úlfur Sigurmundsson – Vice Chairman – On behalf of the Nordic Association Wincie Jóhannsdóttir – On behalf of INL-Iceland Ásdís Eva Hannesdóttir – Alternate member, On behalf of the Nordic Association Jóhann Viðar Ívarsson – On behalf of INL-Iceland Former Chairmen: Almar Grímsson, 1999-2002 & 2004-2010 Róbert Trausti Árnason, 2002-2004

All the Snorri Programs are non-profit. The Government of Iceland, Icelandair, Eimskip and Skipti are sponsoring the program in 2012. The Icelandic National League of North America has sponsored the Historic tour around Iceland for the past three years.

Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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