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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

On Monday, I drove from Eyrarbakki to Höfn, which is from the southwestern coast to the central eastern coast. The purple line shows my tour route. Reykjavík on the bottom left side of this map. Sunday, I was in Eyrarbakki. Monday, I drove to Höfn, which is next to the BIG Vatnajökull Glacier.

It was a beautiful drive in spite of the rain and clouds that hung low in the sky.

I stopped at the farmstead, Keldur, which is the only big turf house in the southern part of Iceland. The National Museum takes care of it. The farmhouse has strong connections to the wonderful Icelandic Saga – Njáll´s Saga.

Also, one of our famous and powerful ancestors, Jón Loftsson, also lived at Keldur and is buried there. He is my 19th Great Grandfather.

Jón fostered Snorri Sturluson from the age of about three. Snorri was a poet, chieftain, and historian. He is most famous because he wrote the books, Heimskringla, a history about the Norwegian Kings and Prose Edda, which is about Norse mythology. His stories about the people and the events of our ancestors from the Scandinavian and Celtic areas of the world are priceless. He did not write down just the mere facts about the history. He made the stories come to life.

Snorri´s father, Sturla Þórðarson, was an Icelandic chieftan who was descended from Audur the Deep Minded, a christian woman. Audur built her farm at Hvammur and many families lived there including the father of Snorri Sturluson, our 19th Great Grandfather, Sturla Thordarson. But when Snorri was just a young boy, he came to live with Jón.

At the farm, Keldur, lives this troll that watches everyone pass on the path below.

I loved the horses that lived nearby. They were so beautiful.

I wish that the weather had been a little bit better so the photos were more clear. It was still a great day and a wonderful drive.

This place made my imagination SOAR!

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