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Þorrablót / Thorrablot

Updated: May 27, 2020

Next Friday, January 23rd, is a special day in the Icelandic calendar. It marks the beginning of a month called Þorri (Thorri). The first day is dedicated to men and in the old days to farmers. It is called Bóndadagur (Farmer’s Day).

The wife is supposed to bring the man of the house his favorite foods and treat him special – maybe breakfast in bed. Don’t worry, though, the wives will have their special day next month. Nowadays, the women bring their men flowers, candy, or another treat.

My favorite story about this day is that the man of the house is to run around the house in the morning with one leg in their underwear and the other leg naked. This is to bring good luck to their home and ensure good weather for this harshest month of the winter.

During the month of Þorri, Icelanders gather together for a special event called Þorrablót (Thorrabloat). During this party, they eat traditional Þorramatur (Thorri foods). These foods were the leftovers in the Viking pantry and includes harðfiskur (dried fish), Hangikjöt (smoked lamb), hákarl (putrefied shark), blóðmör (blood pudding), svið (boiled sheep heads), rúgbrauð (traditional rye bread), lifrapylsa (liver sausage) and hrútspungur (soured ram testicles). Brennavin (Icelandic schnapps) is used to wash it all down.

Jeff and Sunna Þorrablót 2011 photo

There is usually singing, dancing, story telling, poetry, and much more.

If you would like to attend a Þorrablót, check with your local Icelandic Club.

2013 Þorrablót celebrations in the USA:

Arizona in Phoenix: 16 Feb Society of Icelanders in Arizona

California in San Francisco: 2 March

Georgia in Atlanta: 25 Feb On Facebook “ICE in ATL

Illinois in Chicago: 16 Feb

Minnesota in Bloomington: 09 Feb

Utah in Spanish Fork: 23 Feb On Facebook ” Icelandic Association of Utah“

Virginia in Norfolk: 09 Feb Icelandic Association of Virginia

Washington, DC in Fairfax, Virginia: 23 Feb

Washington in Seattle: 16 Feb

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