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Fight Your Dragons

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Sometimes life is hard. We have to endure things that we would never wish on even our worst enemy. It seems like we might not survive some trials this world throws at us. Other problems that come up can seem very trivial once they are solved. Sometimes, I think of these difficulties as dragons that need to be slain.

Being a part of the worldwide Icelandic community has been a great strength to me. Many of my Icelandic connections are loving, thoughtful, positive, and such wonderful people. They are always there to cheer each other on and work together as a team. We support each other in times of trials and encourage each other to be brave, strong Viking Warriors. It is a good thought, when facing adversity and fighting our dragons ….. that we are Viking Warriors.

We have a little group of women called “The Clan of the Shield-Maidens.” We share interesting posts, send inspirational messages, learn about our old Norse heritage, and support each other. They are a blessing to me.

Todays post had information about shieldmaidens. “A shieldmaiden was a woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior in Scandinavian folklore and mythology. They are often mentioned in sagas. Shieldmaidens also appear in stories of other Germanic nations. The mythical Valkyries may have been based on the shieldmaidens (they are fun to learn about, too.) According to one story, Saxo Grammaticus, 300 shieldmaidens fought on the Danish side at the Battle of Bråvalla, in the year 750.”

Éowyn is a famous shieldmaiden in The Lord of the Rings stories by J. R. R. Tolkien. These brave, strong women are concerned with honor and protecting what is right. It is a good message and one that lifts me up when there are dragons in my life.

I have a strong faith in God, which carries me and many others through our lives. Of course, the love and protectiveness shared within my marriage, within our family, and with other friends is very important. Adding this other dimension, with the wonderful people in the Icelandic Community, is such a bonus. They have a great way of looking at life. I am not going to list everyone. However, one person that you should all know is Angel Johnson-Nelson from Texas. She is the president of the Icelandic Online Club. She contributes so much to the Icelandic community with the IOC club, the Icelandic National League of North America, and much more. I appreciate her so very much. Even if you belong to another Icelandic organization, joining the IOC has so many benefits. Check it out for yourself and contact Angel to become a member.

We all have our personal battles in life and we all know someone going through a difficult time. Today, 13. november, is World Kindness Day. A big thank you, for your kindness, to my family, friends, and especially my Viking Warrior and Shield-Maiden friends.

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